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May 2019 Art Contest

Do you have an artist in the family?  We're looking to hire, at $1/image.  Student artists are welcome to apply.

PART ONE:  The Contest

For the month of May (2019), we are accepting applications to our Art Contest.  We will send you a list of 8 words that need to be illustrated, along with examples of how the pictures might be used in our worksheets, reading booklets and online lessons.  

If we choose to use any or all of your digital images, we will pay you $1 each for them and send you a certificate stating that you a winner in the art competition.

PART TWO:  The Contract

We will also offer a Graphic Artist contract to four of the winners, to create new illustrations for one of our online series.  The series requires approximately 700 illustrations.  The contractors can select one lesson at a time to illustrate; each lesson has between 5 and 15 words that need pictures. 


Each contractor can create as many or as few illustrations as they choose, and the contract can be canceled at any time by either OnSchooler or the contractor. 


This is only the first of many series that need new illustrations, so there will be additional opportunities in the future.

We will email you the full contest rules:

OnSchooler May 2019 Art Contest


Here are examples of some of our materials that need new graphics:

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