We'll donate oodles of free lessons to your school when you write, improve or translate a lesson that fits in our comprehensive curriculum plan.


You can also write exactly lessons you need and we'll give you some free lessons for that too, in case someone else also wants to use your new lesson.



So far we've completed about 800 of the 1200 lesson for the Knowledge Series, but most of them are only in English, some got a bit mangled during the transfer from our old system (especially the questions) and they're all ready for the upgrades that our new platform allows (like text formatting and attaching hands-on lesson plans).

Here are the skills we need and how many lesson credits we'll donate to your school (for reference, a student using our platform full-time at the standard pace from fall through spring uses 300 lessons while a student using the platform supplementally might use around 50, and the a la carte lesson price is currently $3/lesson).

  • Edit and improve an existing lesson (mostly math, science, communications, culture and the Bible).  Format the text (bold/color on keywords) and questions to look good and remove any typos; record and attach a sound file for each page; add or improve the graphics; fill in the metadata (i.e. lesson title, objectives, keywords); create or improve hands-on lesson plan and student printables; add links to relevant websites.  Estimated time per lesson:  5 hours. Lesson credits:  500  (Or do 5 consecutive lessons for 3000 credits.)

  • Translate a previously edited & improved lesson to Spanish; format the Spanish text to match the English text (same keywords highlighted, etc.); add sound recordings; translate student printables or instructions to Spanish. Estimated time per lesson:  3 hours.  Lesson credits:  300

  • Write a new lesson from scratch (mostly the arts, personal development, technology and second language):  write, edit, format and record the teaching and question pages; create and add graphics to each page; create metadata, hands-on lesson plans, student printables, and links to relevant websites. Estimated time per lesson:  10 hours.  Lesson credits: 1200.   (Or do 5 consecutive lessons for 10,000 credits.)


For the Skills Series, we'll be inviting skilled teachers from across the US to join the Lesson Writer Conference.

Each attendee will complete some of the planning work in advance (particularly unit and lesson outlines and cross-subject coordination) then attend a week-long conference to create a unit of five lessons all at once.

Each Lesson Writer will have a support team:  peer reviewers, editors, graphic designers, translators and sound recorders. Even if you are not selected as one of the 240 Lesson Writers, you could still contribute to the creation of this new curriculum in one of the other roles.

Lesson Writers who have successfully created or improved a lesson for the Knowledge Series will be given highest priority in the selection process.

Here are the number of lesson credits we'll donate to your sponsoring school for participation:

  • 50,000  Lesson Writer (attends conference)

  • 20,000  Peer Reviewer 

  • 20,000  Editor

  • 20,000  Graphic Designer

  • 20,000  Translator

  • 20,000  Sound recorder (English or Spanish)


Specialty Series lessons are more complex as there are eight separate Paths of study.  Some courses will be used in multiple Paths while others will be more individualized; thus more than 240 Lesson Writers will be needed.  


In addition, the Tier Four curriculum will undergo a process of continuous improvement, with new and updated lessons being released every other year to keep up with constant changes in these cutting-edge fields.

We'll be starting the curriculum outline process in 2018 for the 2019 Lesson Writer Conference.  We will only be accepting experience high school and college instructors for this program, and you can apply now to be part of the planning team.


If your language is considered an Endangered Language by UNESCO, we can help.

You provide the translators to translate each lesson into your endangered language; we provide up to three years of free student access (you will probably also want to purchase a School account to track and manage student progress).  


This helps you get a language revitalization program started, with all the students reading and hearing every lesson in both their current language and the endangered language, plus weekly Second Language instruction just like everyone else (this is built into the curriculum).

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