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2020 started off a bit shaky.

Let's finish it up with a solid plan!

Join us here at OnSchooler for live homeschool classes for preschool through 6th grade.

Are you totally isolated or partnering up with friends?

Giving your full attention to schooling or trying to work full time?

Experienced at home school or just getting started?

We have as little or as much



as you want.

Standard Support:  Start the Day with OnSchooler

Primary School

Join your Zoom class and start working on that day's skills.  Learn some educational songs and games, see other kids' projects, and get ideas for learning the next color, shape, letter, number or set of words.  This 20-minute class, once a day, gives parents a break and keeps everyone moving forward.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Elementary School

At this level (our Knowledge Series curriculum), students complete 2 long lessons each day: one before lunch and one after.  Join your class for two 20-minute sessions to launch the next on-line lesson and get instructions from the teacher for the hands-on assignment that goes with it.  

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


Scratch Class and Duolingo Club are included at no extra charge for the Elementary & Middle classes above.

After some frustrating tries with other programs, I used the Knowledge Series for grades 2-6 with my kids.  On their required state exam in 5th grade, both kids scored at the 12th grade level in math and reading.



How It Works In Real Life

Our schedule for Fall 2020 is designed with your family and friends in mind!  All of the classes are scheduled in a way to make it work for the whole group.  Coordinate with a couple of other families to synchronize your schedules so your kids can learn and play together online, even if you live far apart or are social distancing.

Here's an example of the basic daily schedule for students in the Knowledge Series:

9:00  On-line lesson

10:30  Hands-on lesson

12:00 Lunch

1:00  On-line lesson

2:30  Hands-on lesson

4:00 Done

2014-03-18 11.29.51 - Copy.jpg


  • Knowledge Series students do just two subjects each day:  one before lunch and one after lunch.

  • Each lesson has an on-line part and a hands-on part.

  • There should be a break of at least 10 minutes between the on-line and hands-on parts of the lesson.

  • With multiple students, either have them do the on-line lesson at the same time (giving the teacher a bit of a break) or use the divide-and-conquer approach by having one work on-line and the other hands-on.

  • Foundations 101 students have a very flexible schedule.  Throw in a one-minute lesson 3-4 times a day and let them play the rest of the time.  The length of the lessons increases for 102 and 103 students, but there's still a lot of play time.

  • Likewise, let the Knowledge Series students read or play whenever they finish early.  Most of our students do not actually need the full 6 hours to do their schoolwork.

Here are all of the live classes for this fall:

9:00-9:20  5th-7th grade blend (Knowledge Series Unit 205)

9:30-9:50  2nd-4th grade blend (Knowledge Series Unit 201)

10:00-10:20  1st grade (Foundations Series 103)

10:30-10:50  Kindergarten (Foundations Series 102)

11:00-11:20  Preschool (Foundations Series 101)  


How can you make this work if you have four kids all at different levels?  Here's an example.  

Let's say you have four kids, named Pre, First, Third and Fifth, which coincidentally is the grade they would normally attend in school.  Your family has one computer and one smartphone.  Here's your school day for Thursday, September 10th:

Fifth and Third are both in the Knowledge Series, so they have Math in the morning and Culture (social studies) in the afternoon. 


The whole family does their Starting Routine:  Go for a walk, write one thing on the Thankfulness Calendar, and talk about the schedule for the day.


-Fifth uses joins the zoom call for her class on the phone, and mom watches along.  The teacher explains how to use Mrs. Fischer's MathGame and the scoresheet that goes with it, and the hands-on activity.  After the 20-minute class, Fifth does the hands-on activity.  She finishes early and gets to read.

-Third starts Math assignment #1 on the computer.


-Third joins his zoom class then finishes his on-line lesson.  He gets stuck but has 3 friends in the same class so they do a quick video chat to figure it out.

-Mom does a five-minute lesson with Kinder.  Kinder and Pre spend their spare time playing, coloring, singing, and goofing around with educational toys.


-First joins her zoom class and does songs, games, reading and addition.  Her best friend is in the same class so they get to see each other.

-Mom does a one-minute lesson with Pre.


Everyone goes outside for recess.


-The two older kids switch:  Fifth does the Math lesson on the computer and Third does the math hands-on activity.  If they finish before 11:50 they can read or play an educational game.

-Mom does a one-minute lesson with Pre.


-Pre joins his Zoom class and does songs, games, shapes, colors, shapes, letters and numbers.

-Mom does a five-minute lesson with First.


-Clean-up time.  Also, get dressed for lunch since they did the morning classes in pajamas.



-Play outside


-Fifth joins the zoom class and starts learning the song to memorize the US states.  Pre and First join in just for fun.  Fifth does the hands-on geography activity which is fun because she likes to label and color things.  There are several options and she decides to also make a map for each state on a toothpick and poke it into her map to make it more 3D and colorful.

-Third does her on-line lesson for Culture, learning about maps.

-Mom does a one-minute lesson with Pre.


-Third joins his zoom class.

-Pre takes a nap

-Mom does a five-minute lesson with First.


-Kids go outside for recess.


-Now Fifth does the on-line lesson for Culture and Third does the hands-on lesson.  Third is super-techy and decides to make an interactive map on Scratch for his project.

-Mom does a five-minute lesson with First.


-Clean-up time

-Fifth reads everyone a story.

-The whole family goes for a bike ride.

2014-06-26 08.47.32.jpg

Not into group classes?  Looking for individual subjects?

Our Knowledge Series units are easy to do on your own.  Create an account for 3 free lessons, then buy as many more as you need.  You'll need 100 to do the whole term (all 8 subjects).  Or just get 15 to do a math unit.  We have over a thousand lessons but if you can't find what you're looking for, just ask!  The hands-on lesson plans are attached to the lessons; follow them from top to bottom or just use them for inspiration and do your own thing.

Questions?  Email, call, use the chat feature, or schedule a free 15-minute consultation:

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