Ages 14-18

The curriculum begins to diverge in the Specialty Series.  Previously, everyone studied all the lessons in all the subjects.  Now, students choose from one of eight broad career Paths in which to specialize.

Each Path has its own set of Units to complete, and some Units are used in multiple Paths.  For example, several Paths will use the Trigonometry and Calculus units, while others will focus on more applied problem solving.  Each Path has a few history units specific to its field, while the Humanities Path has many history units.

Each Path also includes a dozen work experiences, from one-day work shadows to summer-length internships.  By the completion of the Specialty Series students have earned enough college credits for a 2-year transfer degree and have enough real-life experience to know where to go next for their college or career start.

We also have a ninth option for students whose talents or interests lie elsewhere:  a 6- to 24-month certification program.  These students focus even more on a particular career choice and earn a specialized certificate to immediately enter the work force.

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