Ages 10-16

The Skills Series is very similar to the Knowledge Series in that the curriculum is organized into eight subject areas, with the four major subjects having 60% of the instructional time and the other 40% going to the minor subjects.

Again, you will see cross-subject connections where the minor subjects reinforce, expand upon, or enliven the material in the major subjects.  Most of the grammar instruction, for example, takes place in the 2nd Language units rather than in Communications; having two language subjects makes them both stronger.

There is a minor shift in emphasis in the Skills Series:  while every lesson has both an on-line (knowledge) and a hands-on (skills) component, in this Series students must demonstrate an ability to do things.  

For example, the focus moves from:  multiplication facts to problem solving, 2nd language vocabulary to conversation, science concepts to experiments, spelling and grammar to research papers and creative writing, historical facts to forming positions on current events, using technology to making technology that solves the world's problems.

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