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About Us

This is the futuristic education that glossy magazines have been promising you for twenty years but nobody could quite figure out how to do it right.
We've figured it out.

Students love to learn this way:

Half on-line, half hands-on.

More importantly, it really works.  Our system has been through five years' testing and development in a private lab school plus three years' use in a public school beta program, and has been used for tutoring and by home school students all over the world.

Our system uses every learning style to provide a more effective and engaging education, which empowers every student regardless of individual demographics.

Average students learn more, faster.  Those who aren't fluent in English can understand everything in every subject from day one.  Students who are behind can catch up to grade level.  And, with our mastery-based progress, fast-paced students can truly soar.


Ask us all your big and little questions; we have the answers!

Tel:      503.567.8271

Or click on the Chat With Us link down in the corner.

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