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Ages 2 - 8


Ages 3 - 6


  • Reading & Spelling Phonics Words

  • Numbers to 100

  • Handwriting:  Letters & Numbers

  • Telling Time


Ages 4 - 7


  • Read & Spell Top 200 Sight Words

  • Addition

  • Handwriting

  • Base Ten System


Ages 5 - 8


  • Reading with Inflection & Comprehension

  • Handwriting

  • Basic Computer Skills

  • Unit 4 Online Lessons

Transition to the Knowledge Series

Ages 2 - 6


  • Shapes

  • Colors

  • Letter Names & Sounds

  • Numbers 1-10

  • Pencil Skills

Student mastery of any subject starts with a solid foundation.


At OnSchooler, we believe learning should be a joy for both the student and the teacher – an enriching experience which fosters curiosity. Students can start as early as two years of age to master shapes and colors, letters and numbers, reading, writing, and addition.


The Foundation Series is four Units which guides the student with hands-on learning and eases them into using online tools to provide for lifelong learning. Each of the four units contains instructions and tips for teaching the material.  Units One, Two, and Three are downloadable books with teaching instructions and printable materials to use during instruction. Unit Four begins the guided process of using OnSchooler online courses.


The OnSchooler Foundation Series is the best way to allow a child to learn the love of learning. We provide teachers, parents, and students the opportunity to reach their full potential.


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OnSchooler is a complete curriculum (click on each to learn more):

"Having the flashcards makes it quick and more fun than just worksheets."



Grab some Foundations Curriculum here!

"At first I was a bit worried the simple nature of it would mean rigid, repetitive teaching that might be hard for a four-year-old to follow, but I've been happy to find that the simple nature of this program allows the parent/teacher to create learning activities according to their needs and makes it very individually focused for each child."



See how to do the 1-minute Foundations 101 lessons!