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Everything you need to teach all year!


This book includes 4 double-sided and 13 single-sided pages printed on cardstock, for flashcards that that we pre-cut for you practice numbers, telling time, and reading the 3-letter basic words.  It also includes 9 master copies of handwriting sheets and 2 double-sided booklets.  The rest of the book includes the teachers' guide, progress tracking forms, and master copies so that you can make more flashcards, worksheets and booklets as needed.


BONUS:  We will also include up to 5 customized handwriting pages with your child(ren)'s name(s).  If you only provide 1 or 2 names, we will send the handwriting pages in two different sizes of letters.

Foundations Unit Two (Printed & Cut + Digital)

  • Every child deserves an education to allow them to meet their utmost potential. OnSchooler provides each parent, teacher, and instructor with effective and engaging educational systems.


    Foundations Unit One begins the lifelong journey of knowledge and application. This downloadable book provides instructions for the parent or teacher and student material. Students will master:


    • Shapes
    • Numbers 1-10
    • Drawing Skills
    • Letter Names and Sounds
    • Personal Care
    • Colors


    In addition to the instruction manual and student materials, we also include:


    • Unlimited online access to OnSchooler printables:
      • Shape Coloring Worksheets
      • Shape Flashcards
      • Color Flashcards
      • Shape and Color Combined Flashcards
      • Number and Counting Flashcards (Double-sided)
      • Alphabet Chart
      • Letter Flashcards
      • Letter Name/Sound/Write Worksheets (3 Sets)
    • Progress Charts


    Today’s students will solve tomorrow’s problems. OnSchooler supports students, parents, and educators with tools to reach their aspirations.

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