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If you would like to supplement your child's education or provide a complete education at home, OnSchooler can help you do this in an engaging and effective way.

Where to Start

If your child is not yet reading fluently, begin in the Foundations Series.  The program is mastery-based, so don't skip any units unless your child has already mastered everything in the unit.

Foundations Unit Four is a transitional program:  it reviews the material in the first three units, but using the online lessons. This gives your child a chance to get used to how the computer lessons work with some short, easy lessons. Start here if your child is reading fluently but could use some practice with the computer.

If your child is already reading fluently, and good at using a computer, begin in the Knowledge Series.

  • For a complete curriculum, begin with Unit One. This includes 100 on-line lessons, 100 hands-on lesson plans and other instructions to customize your child's learning experience and help you both be successful.

  • For supplementary curriculum or homework help, select the subject you want and then the unit that matches your child's level.  If the units are in a different order than your child's main curriculum or your child struggles in this subject, we strongly recommend starting with Unit 1 and working forward to fill in any gaps.

Click here to go to the online lessons.  You will get 3 free lessons when you register!


  • Start on the Featured Lessons page to find the lessons that interest you (use the Search function or the collapsible catalog is at the bottom of the page). Save interesting lessons to your Shelf to do later.

  • After you use your three trial lessons, go to Credit Account to purchase more ($3 each) or check here in the Store for discounted package deals.

  • We are still attaching the hands-on lesson plans to all the lessons.  If the lesson you choose doesn't have its lesson plan, email us at and we'll send it to you or attach it right away.

And of course, please contact us if you have additional questions!

When you go to our online lessons you'll see the name The Curriculum Projects.  That's our parent company!  

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