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Foundations Unit 2 (Digital)

SKU: F102D
  • The future is bright when we invest in educating our students.  OnSchooler education systems provide a full curriculum for parents and teachers to build a student’s skills and prepare them for lifelong learning.


    Foundations Unit Two builds on the initial skills of Unit One’s shapes, colors, numbers, and personal care. In this downloaded book OnSchooler provides teacher instruction, progress charts and student activities. Students will master:


    • Numbers 1-20
    • Three-letter Phonics
    • Writing Letters and Numbers
    • Following Instructions
    • Telling Time


    In addition to the instruction manual, progress charts, and student activities, we offer unlimited online access to twenty OnSchooler printables:


    • Number/Counting Flashcards for Numbers 10-20 (Double-sided)
    • Clock Coloring Worksheets
    • Short Vowels (Booklet)
    • Short Vowel 3-Letter Flashcards
    • Short Vowel 3-Letter handwriting Worksheets


    Students that start their education with a firm knowledge foundation will be prepared to succeed. OnSchooler is dedicated to students and those who guide and prepare our students for the future.

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