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Foundations Unit 3 (Digital)

SKU: F103D
  • Students will have many teachers and instructors during their lifetime; those who love to learn will always have a qualified teacher with them. OnSchooler believes in preparing students for a lifetime of learning.


    Foundations Unit Three builds on the learning skills from the earlier Units and instructs in accountability. OnShooler provides education for reading, writing and arithmetic, and introduces responsibility. In this downloaded book is provided teacher instruction, and student objectives. Students will master:


    • Sight Words
    • Advanced Phonics
    • Handwriting
    • Introduction to Addition
    • Numbers to 100
    • Caring for Objects


    In addition to the instructions, progress charts, and student objectives, we offer unlimited access to the OnSchooler online printables for this Unit:


    • Hundreds Chart
    • Plus Ones
    • Teens Number Flashcards
    • Addition Strips
    • Two-Letter Word Charts
    • One-Page Stories
    • Sight Word Flashcards


    Counting by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, reading fluency and comprehension, and writing sentences are exciting and provide joy for young learners. These early days of success will lead to a lifetime of achieving their goals. OnSchooler is honored to provide parents and educators with effective and engaging learning systems.

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