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Home Licensing:  Buy one, print unlimited copies for up to 3 students.


Class Licensing:  Buy one, print unlimited copies for up to 40 students for a year.

Foundations Unit 2 - On The Go

SKU: F102OTG-Home
  • Our new "On The Go" tools let you teach about half the skills in each unit from a single double-sided page that you can take with you anywhere!  We recommend laminating them for sturdiness.


    Unit 2 "On The Go" includes a number line to 20, pictures of up to 20 objects to practice counting, and all four hundred and ten 3-letter phonics words with a soft vowel in the middle (i.e cat, red, fix, hop, jug).  Everything matches the materials found in the Unit 2 Manual and the bonus books so it's an easy transition for students.  


    For home use, the "On The Go" tools are perfect to keep in the car to use while sitting in waiting rooms or while waiting at sports events.  Keep extra copies in your child's room to do a quick review during the bedtime routine.  Keep extra copies at daycare and the grandparents' house.  Use two laminated copies side-by-side for a placemat at meals.


    For school use, give students their own copies to use on the bus or while waiting for assemblies to start.  Put one on the back of the classroom door to review while the class is lining up.  If you have older students or parents that volunteer in the classroom, it's easy to teach them to go through this one page.  Tape one to each desk so students are always learning.


    The "On The Go" pages do not include any instructions, flashcards or handwriting sheets; they are meant as an add-on to the Foundations Manuals.  This is a digital file that you can print yourself.  The giant watermark in the sample picture here will not be in your purchased file.

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