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The Knowledge Series Curriculum

Families using OnSchooler's Complete Curriculum System have access to the most accelerated, in-depth curriculum currently on the market.

"By the end of the first unit, my kids were able to do the online lessons completely on their own, freeing up half my day!  And they loved the Simple Machines unit.  By the end of the fourth, they were asking questions like, 'Mom, what's your favorite rhizome?'.  By the end of the sixth they could label every country in the world on a blank map (I learned this in college and promptly forgot, but with the geography songs they'll know them forever).  By the end of the ninth unit they were masters of fractions, and by the end of the twelfth unit, when they did their 5th grade state exams, they scored at the 12th grade level in English and Math."  ~Cynthia from Oregon

Our powerful online/hands-on dual learning system gives you all the structure you need to make sure you have no learning gaps, and all the flexibility you want to meet the individual needs of your child's learning level and interests and your family's schedule.

Simplify Your Schedule

With the Complete Learning System, each student completes 100 lessons each term, and just 2 each day.  Each lesson is scheduled for a 3-hour block:  80 minutes on the computer, 10 minute break, 80 minutes hands-on learning, 10 minutes cleanup.  Then have lunch and repeat.  Done!

In a home environment, you have even more flexibility.  Pair a favorite subject and an unfavored subject on the same day.  Split hard lessons in half and take a long recess.  Disguise formerly dreaded subjects as games until your child develops strong skills and confidence.  


Leverage Technology

The computer lessons completely replace textbooks, workbooks, lectures, drill-and-practice, and quizzes.  Each "teaching page" in the lesson has text, a sound file (usually the text read aloud for auditory learners, but sometimes music in an Arts lesson), and a graphic. 

After a number of teaching pages, the student comes to a few "question pages", which may be multiple choice or fill in the blank.  The student gets three tries on each question page; after that, he or she is "bumped back" to the start of that section to read and listen to the information again.  

At the end of each lesson is the Quiz, which asks all the same questions that were in the lesson (no mysteries on what you should learn).  If the student gets a score of 90% or higher, the lesson moves to the Drawer.  Otherwise, it stays on the Desk so the student can do it again.

This method of mastery-based learning ensures that the student fully understands the material before moving on.

CUL208SG2 - Copy.png

Do the Hands-On Lessons You Like

Each unit of each subject has a very specific objective, and each online lesson and hands-on lesson plan is designed to help the student meet that objective.  The hands-on lessons also foster creativity, problem solving, cross-subject connections, research, and sometimes teamwork.

You can use the hands-on lesson plans we provide, modify them, or skip them altogether.  If you are new to homeschooling and are starting with a 2nd or 3rd grade student, we recommend you begin by using the whole system as recommended, at least to get started.  If you are working with an older student and trying to fill in some gaps and quickly build up skills, you might prefer to skip most of the hands-on lessons so the student can complete the lessons faster.

However, the hands-on lessons can be a lot of fun and really do help develop critical skills.  We don't waste your time with crossword puzzles and macaroni projects:  all of the assignments are created to help our students reach their objectives as efficiently (and with as much enjoyment) as possible.


Accelerated Curriculum

Altogether, there are twelve complete multi-subject units; if you complete three each year on the standard schedule then your student will complete the entire Knowledge Series in four years.  Since the program is mastery-based and requires an A on each assignment and at least a B on each final exam, your student will really grasp and remember all of the information (especially with our learning songs).  You could also complete four each year with a year-round schedule, or other accelerated options for older students.

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