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We give away 10% of our gross revenues in free curriculum for our favorite causes:  foster children and humanitarian programs


Entering the foster care system is very disruptive to a child's life; only about half of US students who spend time in the system earn a high school diploma.  We'd like to help.

Apply for an Individual Scholarship here to use an Annual Unlimited account ($500 value).  The scholarship can be renewed for up to three years.  If the student will still be attending school full time, we recommend focusing on either Math or Communications (whichever scores are lower) until the student is performing at grade level, then switch to the other subject.  This type of focused study will yield the fastest results and encourage the student to continue.

Math:  Begin in Math 201; complete two lessons and the MathGame practice on non-school days, and one lesson and the MathGame practice on school days.

Communications:  Begin in Com 201, plus add a secondary subject for comprehension (we recommend Science or Culture).  Do one Com lesson every day, including writing sentences with the vocabulary words (and have someone edit the sentences).  On non-school days, also complete one comprehension lesson in Science or Culture.  Read an easy book out loud every day to grandma, the neighbor kids, or a pet.

We're including the full Annual Unlimited package so you can use as many lessons as you want.  You could do the full homeschool program in the summer.  You could give out an allowance for any extra lessons completed above your basic requirements.  You could use the full program for a high-school dropout for independent study before earning a GED or starting college classes.

Education is a major component of most most humanitarian programs--because it helps!  If you're working with people who speak multiple languages or are moving to a new country and need to learn a new language, our program could help even more.

OnSchooler is a flexible and cost-effective way to educate large groups of people, especially in multiple languages simultaneously.  If you're working with migrant workers and their children, missionary programs, teen parents, refugee camps, or community-wide retraining programs, we can help.

If your application is approved, we'll provide a Humanitarian Grant for all of your students, with Annual Unlimited accounts ($500 value per student) for one year (renewable for up to two additional years).  Your organization will just need to purchase a School Account to be able to manage and track all of their progress.


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