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Supported Homeschooling

with OnSchooler

We would like to invite you to homeschool with us this year.  You and your kids will be part of our OnSchooler community and have as much support as you need. 


If you:

  • are new to homeschooling,

  • or have kids at different ages and academic levels,

  • or are trying to figure out how to work and homeschool,

  • or are looking for a bilingual program,

  • or want a program that's portable,

  • or want a very simple schedule,

  • or want a really robust curriculum,

  • or just want some engaging electives,

  • or want to use this year to help your child catch up,

  • or want to use this year to slow down,

  • or want to use this year to let your child soar ahead,

we at OnSchooler have the right program and group for you!



Our entire program is mastery-based, so our groups are based on skill levels and are all mixed-age, just like most homeschool groups, for both core academics and fun electives. Let's get started designing a custom program that meets your needs. Here are the questions we will ask at your Free Consultation:

Question #1:  Does the student read fluently at the 3rd grade level or above?



Preschool, Kindergarten and First Grade

A little learning and a lot of play time take students from shapes and colors to numbers and letters then reading, writing and addition.





For New and Struggling Readers

Use our English-only or English/Spanish program to master phonics and 570 of the most common words in English, with pictures, sentences, spelling and whole language supports.





For Students at the 2nd-7th Grade Level

A rich, robust program in mastery-based units that tie together across the subjects.  Half on-line, half hands-on.  Only two subjects each day!



Question #2:  How much support do you want?



Individual Tutoring

Choose from 15-minute "get started" sessions for each lesson, help with a single tough subject, or all-day supports.





Some Things Are Better Together

Join a Zoom class with other Foundations, Transitions or Knowledge students to move forward faster and inspire more creativity.



Thumbs Up


Check In Quarterly to Stay On Track

Experienced homeschool teachers can update us on each student's progress and lay out a plan for the coming quarter.



It's that simple!

The easiest way to get started is to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.  We'll help you choose the right curriculum for each student, set up a schedule that works for your family, choose classes and electives to stay connected with other kids, and set up any supports you want to get off to a great start!

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