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The 500+ most common words in English, taught in phonetic groups, with whole-language sentences for comprehension, recordings of the text to leverage every learning style, pictures for memory "stickiness" and Spanish translations for ESL students (with more languages to come).  

This is the fastest, easiest way to quickly move large groups of students from the "sounding out" stage of reading to the "fluent" stage.  Each lesson has five parts: 

  • Introduce all of the words as a group then individually with sentences and illustrations.
  • Review the group again then find each word in a list (multiple choice).
  • Review each word in a sentence then immediately spell the word (fill in the blank).
  • Quiz:  All of the questions, in random order.
  • Teacher check-in:  read the words in the Teacher's Manual (some check-ins are sentences or stories) and check off the lesson.
  • Supported reading:  the student reads all the words he or she has learned so far in any book; the parent or teacher reads the rest to keep the sentence flowing.


During the lesson, each student works at his or her own pace.  The computer provides immediate feedback on every question page throughout the lesson; students get three tries before being "bumped back" to review the teaching pages again.  The quiz is also mastery-based:  students must get a score of 90% or higher or they repeat the entire lesson again.


This system levels the playing field for all student demographics; the platform is proven to be effective with students with autism and ADD/ADHD; and the new bilingual feature means that ELL/ESL students can quickly learn the vocabulary they need to succeed every day.


70 lessons, about 30 minutes each.  Includes the Teacher's Manual.  
$140 per students, or inquire for school pricing.


This program is currently part of a small study to measure student reading progress over an 8-week time frame.  We will be conducting larger school-wide studies in the 2018-2019 school year that meet the standards of the What Works Clearinghouse.

Bilingual Reading Acceleration Program

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