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2018 Instagram Promo

Do You Instagram?  You'll love this promo!  It's easy:

  1. Get free curriculum to use at home.

  2. Post pictures and videos of your kids learning.

  3. Get more free curriculum!


OnSchooler will be running an ad campaign in January for home schoolers.  To give them an idea of what to expect, we’re filling our Instagram and other social media feeds with pictures of kids using our curriculum.

See examples on our Instagram page!

But we need more great pictures!  So we're asking our OnSchooler community and newcomers alike to send us theirs between 11/17/2018 and 1/17/2019.

Register below!

Step One:  Choose Your Free Curriculum Package

You can register as many students as you want!  Complete one registration form for each participating child. 


Choose from our most popular units or tell us what you need most:

  • Foundations 1
    Learn shapes, colors, numbers to 10 and the letter names & sounds

  • Foundations 2
    Learn numbers to 20, plus one’s and five’s, the o’clocks and reading 3-letter phonics words.

  • Foundations 3
    Learn numbers to 100, addition to 20, and over 500 sight words.

  • Foundations 4
    Learn how to use the online lessons and prepare to transition to the Knowledge Series--it’s intense!

  • Reading Acceleration Program
    Dramatically improve your reading accuracy and speed, define and spell over 500 of the most common words in English; includes full bilingual supports in Spanish.  This is our flagship product; developed in part with a National Science Foundation grant.

  • Knowledge Series Unit One
    100 lessons, all 8 subjects; includes both on-line lessons and hands-on lesson plans; everything you need for 3 months of school.

  • Multiplication
    Master the Times Tables with songs, drawings, mastery-based lessons and games to increase your speed.  Very important skill to master before learning fractions!

  • Fractions
    Three units take you slowly and methodically through every skill related to fractions.  Master these once and for all!

  • US Geography
    Part of our World Geography series:  learn the location of all the US states with a song, plus other important geographic features.  Now you’ll remember them forever! 

  • Other
    Specify which topic you’d like to study and we’ll help you find the right unit.  See the chart here.


Step Two:  Post Pictures of your Kids Using the OnSchooler Program

  • Take pictures of your kids doing lessons on a computer, laptop or smart phone anywhere; singing the multiplication songs or geography songs; doing any Foundations Series activity like the color & shapes array, flashcards, or laminated handwriting sheets; doing a Knowledge Series activity like the giant atlas, simple machines projects, or science experiment; or any other part of your learning experience that showcases the OnSchooler system.

  • Pictures are not required to show your child’s face; it's acceptable to submit pictures taken over your child’s shoulder, for example. 

  • Be safe!  As always on the internet, please do not take pictures that include your home address or nearby street signs.  Don’t post pictures that would interest creepers.

  • Get creative!  Are your kids studying in the car, at sister’s soccer practice, with friends, on vacation, during remodeling, or while you’re working?  Show us your authentic OnSchooler experiences.

  • Use the hashtags #onschooler and #onschoolerathome so we can find you.

  • Share your pictures on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, or just email them to us directly.

  • By participating, you give us permission to use the submitted photos for any purpose, including but not limited to:  our website and social media accounts, as attachments to the online lessons, in the hands-on manuals, and in other instructional and promotional materials.  We will never share any personal information beyond what is attached to your post (like your child’s name or home address).


Step Three:  Get More Free Curriculum!

  • You can post up to 4 pictures each day for each student registered with the program.

  • Between January 15 and 30, 2019 come back here to report how many pictures you submitted.  (We’ll send an email to remind you.)

  • We’ll give you 5 free Knowledge Series lessons per picture, added directly to your OnSchooler account .  We'll send you instructions on how to set this up and use it.  (A typical full-time OnSchooler student uses 300 lessons a year, so if you post 60 pictures you get a year's worth of curriculum for free.)

  • We’ll also give out bonus lessons for particularly good pictures!  So take lots of pictures and hopefully a few will be AMAZING.

Questions?  Email

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