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Staff Favorites to Supplement

You probably already own enough toys, puzzles and learning games for your child to use between lessons.  But if you're looking for great educational materials, these are our staff favorites--things we used with our own children when teaching them shapes, colors, letters and numbers.  Enjoy!

Unit 101  

Foundations Unit One covers shapes, colors, numbers to 10, and letter names, sounds and tracing.  This is the perfect starting point for new students!

Unit 102

Foundations Unit Two covers numbers to 20, starting to tell time, phonics words and handwriting worksheets.  Start here if your child has already mastered letter names and sounds.

Unit 103

Foundations Unit Three covers numbers to 100 including counting by 2's and 5's, addition and subtraction on the MathGame using number strips, sight words and reading one-page stories.

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