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Can't make it to one of our classes?  Do the lessons at home at your own pace.

This intense, 70-lesson program quickly trains students in the pronunciation, spelling, meaning and usage of over 500 words most commonly used in English.  It is targeted for 3rd grade students, or any student who is able to sound out words but is not yet a fluent, independent reader.

Every lesson is fully translated into Spanish, so students can completely understand the instructions and the contextual sentences.  

This program normally costs $140 for the 70 lessons and includes the Teacher's Manual.  We're offering free it for new students who enroll through August 31, 2018 to test the system.  You can also purchase the Teacher's Manual alone.

OnSchooler Reading Club is supported in part by a National Science Foundation Grant through the Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator.

We use the research-backed methods described in this Forbes Magazine article.

The platform is very simple to use; select classes of kindergartners in Albany have learned to use every feature by the end of the first hour.


Independent Study -- Bilingual Reading Acceleration Program (BRAP)
Independent Study -- Bilingual Reading Acceleration Program (BRAP)
This session of the Reading Club is free to the public for students who register by 8/31/2018. Students get 70 free online lessons in English & Spanish to quickly improve their reading & spelling skills. You will work at your own pace at home and may optionally purchase the Teacher's Manual.
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