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You can teach preschool,
and first grade
at home!


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One Hour a Day for A+ Results

Our program is so simple to use that our 1st grade students often teach their younger brothers and sisters to read!

If they can do it, so can you.

We will show you exactly how to teach shapes, colors, letters, numbers, reading, writing and addition.

Includes get-started session, training manual, progress tracking, flashcards, booklets and other printables.

Book your FREE get-started session today!

Bonus:  Free Video Trainings

Our training videos on YouTube show you exactly how to teach each individual skill.  You can watch the video yourself then work with your child, watch the video together, or set up the whole playlist so your child can keep learning when you are busy.

"At first I was a bit worried the simple nature of it would mean rigid, repetitive teaching that might be hard for a four-year-old to follow, but I've been happy to find that the simple nature of this program allows the parent/teacher to create learning activities according to their needs and makes it very individually focused for each child."



One Manual, Learn All Year

You can get started right away and book your free get-started session whenever you're ready.  Just pick out the manual that best meets your child's current skill level.  Then decide if you would like the digital version to download immediately, the pre-printed version mailed to you, or the printed and cut version mailed to you.  The last two also include the digital version so that you can print as many additional copies as you would like.  Shipping costs are included.

Each manual includes all the flashcards, charts (like the ABC chart or hundreds chart), worksheets, reading booklets, teacher's instructions, and progress tracking forms that you need to teach all year long.

Foundations 101 (typically preschool)

Covers shapes, colors, letter names and sounds, number names, counting and ordering, and writing letters and numbers.

Foundations 102 (typically kindergarten)

Mastery of the three-letter basic words (bat, fed, kid, mop, run) from sounding out to instant reading, numbers to 20 including an introduction to telling time, and writing words.

Foundations 103 (typically first grade)

Mastery of all phonics skills and the 500 most commonly used words in English (often taught as "sight words"), numbers to 100, addition, and writing sentences.

Not sure where to start?

We know our curriculum; you know your kid!  Let's put our heads together to find the best solutions:


"I used this program for preschool with my own kids.  When my twins went in for their kindergarten placement test, they passed all the math and reading tests...through the 5th grade."


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