We offer small-class tutoring in basic computer programming concepts using the Google CS First curriculum.  


The curriculum is free through the link above; the class gives students a chance to get help from an experienced teacher, be inspired by other students' work and take their creativity and problem solving skills to the next level.



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Scratch is a drag-and drop programming language that allows students to quickly and easily animate objects to create an interactive program without much typing or the complicated punctuation of professional programming languages.

Despite its accessibility, Scratch offers a robust set of commands and students can learn all the basics of a first-year computer programming language:  variables, loops, if-then statements, user input, calculations, the x-y coordinate system, etc.  Scratch also allows for easy animation, backgrounds, and sounds so that ​students can easily create sophisticated and interactive programs and games.

Google CS First provides a fun, easily accessible curriculum for new students that is specifically meant to encourage interest in computer science in under-represented student groups.  Each topic uses project-based learning in eight lessons to develop skills.  Everyone does the same basic project in class, but each student chooses how to do the add-on projects at home to take things to the next level.

This class is an ideal blend of art and math, creativity and problem solving, language and logic.  

Each student needs a laptop with either wi-fi or a LAN cable; we also highly recommend using a mouse.  Please fully charge the computer before class and bring the power cable as backup.  

The class is open to any student able to read; the main assignment is fairly simple and the add-on assignments are full adjustable to each student's level.  High school students will be expected to make more more interesting and complex projects than elementary students.  Please plan on an hour of homework after each class.

Students will need an email address to make an online account with Google CS First.  You can use your own, or create a new gmail account that you allow your child to use for this purpose (link or forward it to your main email so you can receive any messages or password reset instructions).  

Student accounts will be linked to the teacher's online account; when they save their homework project, the teacher will be able to see it.  We will choose the best projects to share in class to further inspire everyone.  Scratch also shares sets the default of every user's projects to "public" so that students can get ideas and even borrow code from other peoples' projects; you can set your child's projects to "private" if you like.

Classes are limited to 20 students and cost $40 each; some classes hold multiple sessions per day.


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